In this project we will develop novel and sustainable aviation fuels from biologically derived alcohols. While commercial land-transport and shipping have readily available sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, air transport requires advanced liquid fuels and in FLABBERGAST A, we will develop a sustainable method for producing long-chain alcohols from lignocellulosic biomass using engineered microorganisms.

FLABBERGAST A will focus on the microbial production of such alcohols, using baker's yeast and lactic acid bacteria (LAB). The chosen organisms have the ability to grow under aerobic and anaerobic conditions and are robust to adverse conditions, such as the presence of acids, alcohols and bio-mass inhibitors, and several strains have been adapted to diverse biomass feedstocks. They produce some alcohols of varying chain lengths, and can be easily manipulated, to make other alcohols. These properties will be exploited for converting engineered lignocellulosic biomass into alochols. Technologies required for strain selection, molecular evolution and metabolic engineering are implemented in our labs.

A parallel track, the FLABBERGAST B project regards fuels based on ethers made from intermediate-length alcohols. A broad selection of ethers will be made by catalytic condensation from alcohols, and assessed for jet-fuel compatibility. FLABBERGAST A is a consortium of several partners including DTU, KU, five foreign laboratories, Novozymes and Bioethanol Denmark.